Geolocation with Mascotag - Geopositioning

┬┐How does geolocation work using MascoTag tags?

If you have the MascoTag QR Pet Tag you might be interested to know how the geolocation option works.
The main concept of this service is that the pet owner (post disappearance of the pet) can pin-point the location where your pet was found; provided that it has been read (or "scanned") with your phone's QR code, or if the person who found the pet agrees to disclose the pet's address. (eg: ).

Examples of a typical case step by step:

1) Fido (pet), belonging to John, went astray.
2)John declare it as lost in the system MascoTag.(Facebook alerts are released and the mascot is marked as "lost" by the system).
3) Fido is found by Peter, in a park a few hundred meters from John' house.
4) Peter reads (scans) the code with his phone to get the information to contact Fido and his owner (John in this case)
5) When you scan the code, the phone asks Peter for authorization to send his location to the owner of the pet. (*)
6) Peter accepts, sending his location. John receives a notification that your pet was found by someone, and that person read the QR code from Fido's collar pendant, sending its location data.
7) John goes to ,enters his email and password, and access the details of his lost pet (Fido) and displays the map location where (**) of your pet (location where it was displayed when Fido his medal was read by Peter)
8) John can leave immediately for his pet because he saw that it is a few meters from his home. (Although, Peter will probably try to contact him regardless because he could see that John read the QR code of his lost pet)
9) John is reunited with Fido, and they both made a new friend named Peter.

(*) For privacy issues, you will always prompt the user whether to share your current location, if the user does not want to share the location, you can not display the map with the location of the pet.
(**) The accuracy and effectiveness of geolocation depends on several factors such as: cellular antennas available at the location, GPS or WiFi access on cell that is reading data. The effectiveness in the city will always be much higher than in unpopulated areas because the number of antennas will be higher and that increases the accuracy of the location is displayed on the map.
We recommend reading the terms and conditions of use MascoTag

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